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Jessica Riley Deputy Director of Public Information
New York State Office of Mental Health 518-474-6540 jessica.riley@omh.ny.gov

March 20, 2019

Office of Mental Health awards $196,000 to Suicide Prevention Coalitions Across New York

14 Awards to be Used to Advance Suicide Prevention Projects through 2021

ALBANY, NY – The Office of Mental Health today announced $196,000 in awards to 14 Suicide Prevention Coalition groups in New York. The three-year award funding will support coalition projects that target five key suicide prevention areas for New York State: Means Reduction, High Risk Populations, Loss and Attempt Survivors, Men in the Middle Years, and Education and Awareness.

“The Suicide Prevention Coalitions are critical when it comes to community awareness and involvement,” said Office of Mental Health Commissioner, Dr. Ann Sullivan. “They organize and educate New York communities while making significant strides in prevention efforts in high risk populations. We are committed to supporting their efforts and are eager to see these awards in action.”

New York State has more than 50 suicide prevention coalitions, each with its own set of tools and resources specific to its geographic location. Using a public health approach and technical assistance from SPCNY, the coalitions work to raise awareness and mobilize community action in response to suicide.

The awarded coalitions and their proposed suicide prevention projects are broken down below by focus area(s): 

Means Reduction:


Project description

Erie Washington/Warren

-          Participate in a Means Reduction Academy in April,

-          Refine local projects to address intersection of firearm safety and suicide


High Risk Populations:


-          Targeting veterans and community groups with a messaging campaign


-          Identify specific needs of senior population

-          Disseminate workshops, education and resources to increase help seeking, reduce stigma, and reduce access to lethal means


-          Targeting the senior population with a messaging campaign

Lewis/Jefferson/St. Lawrence

-          Raise awareness to broad sectors of the community through Cup of Joe campaign and Operation S.A.V.E, a VA suicide prevention gatekeeper training

Loss Survivor:


-          Sustain and expand a recent loss survivor group in the county

Education and Awareness:


Target of Messaging Campaign

Genesee, Orleans, Wyoming

-          At risk youth, middle aged men & older adults, members of the agricultural community


-          Local businesses and faith communities, men in the middle years and, adolescents


-          Individuals with mental health and substance use disorders, veterans, youth/adolescents, elderly, and healthcare providers


-          Men in the Middle years, veterans, youth and adolescents, LGBTQ, individuals in juvenile justice settings, and seniors.


-          Colleges and universities and K-12 schools


-          Middle aged and older men, veterans, emergency responders, schools, healthcare, food and beverage, and the agricultural industry


-          Men in middle years, young people, LGBTQ, elderly veterans, law enforcement, community organizations, and the faith community


For more information about New York’s suicide prevention coalitions, contact garra.lloyd-lester@omh.ny.gov


This is a message from the New York State Office of Mental Health. 

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