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November 21, 2019

NYS Office of Mental Health Issues Request for Proposals to Develop Short-Term Residential Programs for People in Crisis

$50 Million in Capital Awards Will Be Provided to Develop at Least 250 New Crisis Residential Units

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) today issued a Request for Proposals that will provide $50 million to develop licensed Residential Crisis programs across the State for children and adults. These programs offer short-term interventions in therapeutic settings to help individuals facing a mental health crisis to stabilize and avoid the need for psychiatric hospitalization or emergency room admissions.

The awards will help develop at least 250 new crisis residential units in Central New York, Western New York, New York City, Long Island, and the Mid-Hudson River Region.

OMH Commissioner Dr. Ann Sullivan said, “Crisis residence programs maintain people safely in the community while they address and resolve their crisis situation. In addition to avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations, they offer transitional services and help to reduce the risk of future crises.”

Research shows that crisis residential care can be as effective as inpatient care in improving symptoms and functioning. It also demonstrates that patient satisfaction of these services is strong, and the overall costs for residential crisis services are less than traditional inpatient care.

The RFP will provide capital funding for acquisition, construction, and/or rehabilitation for the purposes of developing crisis residential programs.

Eligible applicants are not-for-profit organizations exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Applicants must collaborate with and demonstrate the support of the local County Mental Health Departments in the region they will serve.  This will ensure that the providers are knowledgeable about the coordinated behavioral health crisis response system in that region.

Allowable costs under the RFP also include architect, legal and accounting fees, survey, appraisal and closing costs, permits, insurance and other related costs. 

Awards will be made to the best ranked applications. Targets for funding awards and units per region are:

  • $30 million targeting 120 units within the New York City Region;
  • $6 million targeting 30 units within the Long Island Region;
  • $6 million targeting 40 units within the Hudson River Region;
  • $4 million targeting 30 units within the Central New York Region; and
  • $4 million targeting 30 units within the Western New York Region.

 More information about the RFP, including a timetable of important dates can be found on the OMH website here: https://omh.ny.gov/omhweb/rfp/



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